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Great mobility exercises for over forties

If I could go back and give my eight year old self some advice… When you were a kid, you didn’t think about your range of movement or if your mobility over forty might be an issue.  Generally, the only time  you felt muscle pain at all, was after you’d competed in the school athletics […]

Not a morning person? It’s time to get a ritual.

The fibs we tell ourselves The alarm goes off and you slap your hand around like a seal trying to find your phone in the dark. You get it and the silence is glorious. “I’ll get up in minute” you tell yourself. Sixty seconds ticks by in a flash and you’re sound asleep. All good […]

Four easy exercises for balance

Small things make a difference. My guest writer and local Osteopath, Liam McCambridge recently spoke about the importance of balance, especially as we age. In this article, Liam gives you some easy balance exercises you can do at home, with zero equipment. Phew….No balance beams or crazy moves. Just four practical exercises you can do […]

Improving your balance as you age

Life is all about balance. We all talk about it in one way or another. We talk about a ‘balancing out the good with the bad’, a ‘balanced diet’, ‘balancing the budget’ and ‘work-life balance’. But what about your physical balance? Today’s blog is courtesy of a local Allied Health Professional. Liam McCambridge, Osteopath and […]