Personal Training that caters for busy people. PT sessions available from as early as 5.00am. Get fit enough to do whatever is on your bucket list.

Lose Weight

Do you want to be able to play with your children for longer? Do you want to go on a walk without getting overly puffed?

Improve Your Health

Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you suffering from health issues that hinder your quality of life?

Welcome to Blue Bucket Fitness

Blue – The skies the Limit!
Bucket – Achieve Everything on your Bucket List!

Blue Bucket Fitness welcomes people of all ages, our speciality is those over forty, because owner & coach Janet Bowden (JB) understands the fitness challenges of this age bracket. Blue Bucket Fitness operate from a fitness studio based in North Ward, and offers individually-tailored fitness plans which are designed specifically to your goals. The airconditioned, boutique studio means you can train one-on-one in a comfortable environment, without having to share your space with other gym-goers.

If you’re Ready to Get Fit Enough to Do Stuff:

Book your initial 45 minute consultation

This meeting is an opportunity to meet the coach and discuss your goals, exercise preferences and work out the times to suit you. We’ll discuss the best package to deliver your results, and complete the introductory paperwork

Diet, Movement and Mobility assessment 1hr

Your first session allows us to tailor your programme to suit your unique needs. By understanding how your body moves, we ensure your ongoing plan factors in safe, functional movements.

It’s time to Get Fit Enough to Do Stuff:

This session comprises of a 15min overview on your programme and then we get started with your first session. So bring your training gear, it’s time to get sweaty.

Client Testimonials

I have limited hip range, due to a dodgy hip.  Which limits what I can do to stay active.  Blue Bucket Fitness came up with great options to suit me which included strength work, cardio and boxing and I feel alive again.  Blue Bucket Fitness  catered for my condition and limitations and made working out fun.  Janet also worked within my busy work schedule, so there was no excuses for not putting my health first.

SteveExecutive Manager 59yo

“Without a goal you can’t score”

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